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UWAVE refreshed its logo and has a new slogan.

This slogan highlights the image of UWAVE for its great expertise in optics


UV LED & OPTICAL Smart Solutions

Thanks to its European leadership in LED technology for industrial vision, EFFILUX has decided to expand its activity in the field of high power UV LED systems.


In 2015 UWAVE was created to provide industrial UV LED  systems for UV-curing applications. The DNA of our society consists of two key elements. First, full control over the electronic and thermal integration of UV LED, embedded in robust equipments tailored to the industry's needs. Secondly, our expertise in optical design allows us to conceive the best combination of both UV LED and optical solutions for any application.


UWAVE offers unique UV-curing solutions. We differentiate ourselves by proposing  a deep understanding and involvement in your industrial process, along with a wide range of optical options. This is why we are able to provide you with the best possible solutions to any of your needs.

For any additional information on how our products are made, please visit the Our expertise page.

Optic expertise associated to UV LED mastering. Presentation of optical lenses with UV LED insolation.


By remaining at the cutting-edge of technological innovations, UWAVE brings robustness, precision and reliability to its equipment. The production in our  own premises allows us to ensure a great flexibility to the needs of our customers. Before delivery, the products undergo a series of tests to ensure optimal quality.


Thanks to our in-house R&D offices, we remain at the forefront of UV and optical LED technologies (innovative materials, design, etc.). In partnership with key players in the market and through various European projects, UWAVE actively develops UV LED systems that will equip tomorrow's production lines.


We have developed several technologies that we can integrate into our various UV LED equipments, according to our needs. SmartBladeTM was designed for controlled noise and cooling. FusionDriveTM to optimize the control of LEDs and SwitchBoostTM for saving on the maintenance of LED systems. These technologies are among the options that can be added to our existing poducts.


To know more about the new technologies being developped at UWAVE, please visit the Technologies page.

About UV curing

UWAVE integrates UV LED solutions for UV-curing (photoinduced polymerization) of your adhesives, inks or coatings. The energy of UV light will allow the chemical compound to cure instantly.


This low temperature curing is due to the crosslinking of  molecular chains which compose the material. It differs from conventional thermal dryings, as they rely on evaporation.




UWAVE exhibited at Electronica in Munich in collaboration with AB Chimie




UWAVE  was exhibiting at Bondexpo Stuttgart, the biggest trade fair around bonding.

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