The ULINETM is the most powerful of our products, with a maximal irradiance of 16W/cm².




The ULINETM is available at several wavelengths:  365, 385, 395 or 405 nm.




The mechanical and electronic designs of the ULINETM allows for thermal stability which results in a very stable UV illumination through time.

This product integrates the SWITCHBOOSTTM technology, allowing a renewal of its LED power.


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Available sizes and versions

Two different maximal power options




 UV industriels High power UV LED Product for UV curing applications in the industrial field
Lunghezza del prodotto flessibile

Flexible length

From 75 mm to 900 mm

Application areas

The ULINEM is used to cure inks, varnishes or for the UV-curing of adhesives for fast assembly processes. This product can easily be integrated to industrial and automated processes.


A few examples of applications:


UV-curing of inks and adhesives for the cosmetic industry

UV-Curing of paint via automated processes

Ink-printing on any kind of surface


Applicazioni UV LED per la cosmetica, incollaggio UV per l’assemblaggio, rivestimento UV per la metallizzazione, essiccazione UV di strati
Produit UV LED très puissant dédié à des applications de séchage UV industriels
Applicazioni UV LED per il packaging, essiccazione d’inchiostri UV, essiccazione di vernici UV, essiccazione di rivestimenti UV, essiccazione UV
Applicazioni UV LED, pittura UV per rivestimento di pezzi in plastica o metallo


The ULINETM is cooled down by a water system.


Depending on the irradiance and length of your ULINETM device, we determine the thermal power required for a stable operation over time, in order to provide you the optimal cooling. Thanks to our numerous modules available, we can offer cooling systems that meet specific constraints (mechanical dimensions, electronic signals, etc.)


Chiller, sistema di raffreddamento ad acqua
UWAVE, gli esperti dei prodotti UV LED per le applicazioni di polimerizzazione o d’insolazione UV.




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