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The UBARTM can generate a homogeneous illumination profile on the all emission window (less than 10% of variations). This product provides a reliable and efficient UV LED flux for repeatable processes.




The UBARTM is available at several wavelengths :

365, 385, 395 or 405 nm.


Smart lamp


Communication between our UV LED lamp and industrial machines has been improved. New features have been added to our product to improve its use. Signals emitted :


                           - Temperature default

                           - Damaged single LED chip


The goal is to prevent any LED issues from happening and to be alerted in case there is a problem.


UWAVE know-how, optic expertise associated to an experience and mastering in UV LED system to propose the best solutions of UV Light.

Homogeneous irradiance distribution in series installation

In order to provide great flexibility this product has been designed keeping in mind one important specification: homogeneity. Indeed thanks to our optical design the UBARTM can be installed in series without any shadowed  in series installation

UV LED Flood source high power
UV LED Flood source high power

Application areas

The UBARTM is used for the UV-curing of glues, varnishes or for insulations of large surfaces. It can be used on automated or semi-automated processes.


A few examples of applications:

Applicazioni UV LED per la cosmetica, incollaggio UV per l’assemblaggio, rivestimento UV per la metallizzazione, essiccazione UV di strati
Applicazioni UV-LED high-tech, incollaggio UV di sostrati, incollaggi di schermi, incollaggio di lenti per telecamere, assemblaggio UV per micro
Applicazioni UV LED per l’elettronica, essiccazione UV per il conformal coating su PCB, incapsulamento UV per connettori, assemblaggio UV.

UV-curing of glues for the cosmetic industry

Assembling and curing in the high-tech industry

Curing of resins and coatings

UV LED Flood source high power

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