UV LED products

UWAVE designs and manufactures UV LED systems that meet the requirements of the industrial world.


Combining quality, robustness and reliability, UWAVE products ensure a controlled process regardless of the surface and insolation power. All of these performances are made possible by UWAVE's expertise and experience in UV LED and more generally in optics.


If you already know our lineup, you can go directly to the product you are interested in thanks to the thumbnails in the upper banner. Otherwise our product classification will allow you to sort them by options.


UWAVE the expert of UV LED products for polymerisation applications or UV insolation.

Classification of our products

By illumination shape

UV Circular / Spot

UV Linear / Line

UV Floods

By UV power or irradiance

From 1 to 3 W/cm²

From 3 to 8 W/cm²

From 8 to 16 W/cm²

*All of our products can be modified to that the UV emission power corresponds to your needs.

By cooling mode

Passive cooling

Refroidissement à air passif pour produits UV LED

Active air-cooling

Refroidissement à air actif pour produits UV LED


Refroidissement à eau pour produits UV LED très puissants

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