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UWAVE know-how, optic expertise associated to an experience and mastering in UV LED system to propose the best solutions of UV Light.


From the design to the realization of its lighting, UWAVE uses its unique know-how to meet every customers' demand.


Our expertise primarily revolves around semiconductors and optical design. Because we are rigorous in the choice of our components, their assembly and in the verification of the final products,  we can assure you that our solutions are made to meet the expectations of our customers.


UWAVE takes advantage of its unique expertise to optimize the performance of its UV LED, thus developing innovative and powerful products. In recent years, we have been working on new technologies to improve all of our products' characteristics.

Optical systems under UV LED Insolation

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SMART BLADE Technology developped by UWAVE for its UV LED products


For noise reduction and greater stability.

Air-cooled UV LED are increasingly used in the printing, coating and adhesive industries. In these sectors, noise reduction is a growing concern.


That is why UWAVE has developed the SMART BLADETM technology, to provide manufacturers with the first smart ventilation for UV LED sources.

The SMART BLADETM technology analyzes the data provided by the UV LED source, to control the fans in real time and thus minimize the noise. By optimizing its own temperature control, our sources are guaranteed both stable and durable.


Thanks to the SMART BLADETM technology, the machine manufacturers are now able to design systems tailored to the factories of tomorrow.


FUSION DRIVE Technology developped by UWAVE


For simplified integration and better control.

The introduction of UV LED technology in the industry has significantly reduced the size of installations and facilitated the integration of UV sources into industrial equipments. The several cubic meters that you once needed for a cumbersome electric cabinet, can now be replaced by a power supply the size of a desk computer.


UWAVE goes even further with the FUSION DRIVETM technology, which integrates LED management electronics into UV sources. The machine manufacturer can then directly control the product without any dedicated power supply, thus simplifying its integration.

The FUSION DRIVETM technology also allows for precise and independent control of the current going through the LED. It guarantees a better stability and homogeneity of the UV source.


That is why products including the FUSION DRIVETM technology provide machine manufacturers easy-to-integrate and stable solutions over time.


SWITCH BOOST Technology developped by UWAVE for its UV LED products


For reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

After a thousand hours, the bulb of a discharge lamp needs to be replaced, while the lifetime of a UV LED system is at least twenty times higher. However, at the end of this period, it is necessary for a standard LED source to be replaced by an entirely new system.


To address this issue UWAVE has developed the SWITCH BOOSTTM technology which allows machine manufacturers to change only the core of the product: the LED. This makes the maintenance of a UV LED source quick, simple and cheap.

Recent technological breakthrough result in LED performances doubling every two years. By changing the LED of the UV systems equipped with the SWITCH BOOSTTM technology, our solutions will remain at the forefront of technology.


Products including the SWITCH BOOSTTM technology provide machine manufacturers with economical and fast LED replacement solutions.












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