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UWAVE's know-how

UWAVE know-how, optic expertise associated to an experience and mastering in UV LED system to propose the best solutions of UV Light.

UWAVE combines its unique expertise in UV LED systems and its knowledge of optics to bring you the best of UV LED technology: UWAVE's know-how.


Our products lean on this expertise, which guarantees reliability, precision, robustness and power.


UWAVE displays its professionalism by supporting every customer, and by their technical understanding of UV-curing processes. This allows for well-suited UV LED system that responds effectively to your technical and economic constraints.


UWAVE advises you, thanks to its experience, on the power and the wavelength to choose to get the best possible results for your UV-curing processes.


Thanks to its cutting-edge technologies, UWAVE is able to provide you with solutions that are tailored to the industrial demands.

In addition, UWAVE optical expertise allows for the design of very high irradiances, large working distance products. Our UV LED solutions meet technological and economic demands with unparrallel efficiency.


UWAVE fully exploits its expertise in its UV LED products in order to adapt perfectly to PLC or to any user. It is done via the appropriate connectors, specific electrical signals, mechanical designs, etc.


UV LED Irradiance measure with a radiometer.
UPIN Presentation and its innovative optic
Custom UV LED project Custom UV LED Project

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