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Our customized projects

To prove its versatility, know-how and expertise, UWAVE has developed several customized and innovative UV solutions that fit perfectly the requirements of the customers. Here are some examples of projects we conducted for OEMs and laboratories.

UV LED bar for UV curing in complex automated processes


UWAVE with its proven experience in the cosmetic industry has developed specific products for its clients. This particular product is used for UV curing in an automated process.


UWAVE has designed this tailor-made product in order to allow a transparent integration in the machine of the client where each UV LED emitting window fits to one UV polymerisation  post. Thanks to UWAVE's expertise and experience, this client has a system adapted to its existing machine that could enhance the productivity.


Specific project. UV LED Bar High density for UV curing in automated process

UV LED bar for insolation of flexographic printing plates

UWAVE has developed a high power UV LED bar. It was designed to be integrated into flexographic plate insolation machines.


This process demands a steady control of the power and a very homogeneous illumination profile throughout the entire bar. This constraint was a key point in manufacturing plates with a high quality of printing.


Drivers and electronic controls greatly simplify the integration of this solution. It also gives the user complete control over the source parameters (timer, temperature, power, etc.).


Specific project. UV LED Bar High density for flexography plate insolation.

3000 UV LED

In partnership with EFFILUX and the Institute of Optics Graduate School, UWAVE has been able to display its expertise in designing and controlling high-power LED sources.


The maximal power this source can reach is 30W/cm². It will be used for R&D projects within the Institute of Optics.


This expertise allows UWAVE to meet the needs of LED UV-curing applications in printing and surface coating.


Very high power UV LED project with Effilux

LED UV curing for optical fibers

This product can be used for curing of adhesives or resins in the field of optical fibers.


The solution is user-friendly, and the illumination profile is homogeneous on several centimeters. It allows for an easy integration to automated processes chains, and prevents adding any more constraints which would reduce the quality of production.


UWAVE has responded to the demands of its customers, using its expertise in optics and in integrating LED UV systems in clever ways.


Optical fiber curing with UV LED specific project

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